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we are airtime.

Airtime Credit and Beyond. Since 2004


1 out of 4

Every day 1 out of 4 subscribers in our Telcos speak only because we gave them emergency credit



Telcos enjoy 2 per cent ARPU growth and 2 times less churn from SimCredit user base


3+ Billions

3+ billion times we gave and collected credits since our start in 2004.

Pioneer is in the blood

Being first on market (2004) we keep our pioneer DNA till today. First bundle loan (2007), first data loan (2010), first telco data based microfinance solution (2015). 

Our Vision

We are telco people and we are one dollar people.

SimCredit believes that long term retention is much more profitable than quick profit.

We never give more than subscribers can pay back easily.


Far above the industry expectations we provide 4 loans where our competitors will only do 3.

Our state of art platform can integrate to any billing system.

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How it works

Audit ...

Our Audit Team will carry a regular audit of your airtime lending service

- Match to industry benchmarks

- Recommend improvements

- Revisit regularly (with our Annual Audit package)

Build ...

We will offer the model tailored to your KPIs and build it to fit other products and services.

SimCredit will take into account the market penetration (markets with over 100% mobile penetration are different) and your position on the market (market leaders and challengers have different subscriber life cycles).

Run ...

- SimCredit prepays bulk airtime Day 1.

- Builds the Data Loans in 90 Days

- Builds the Microfinancial Inclusion proposal to the MNO in 180 Days

Provide 24/7 Support and fantastic Marketing dashboards.

... Improve

Our Data Pack Loan services are allowing you to sell 20% more packs.

- SimCredit buys bulk data at launch

- Works well with any billing or Airtime Lending model

Subscriber Feedback

"My operator cares about me"

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T: +420 608 724 424

SimCredit s.r.o.


Wenceslas Sq.1, Prague 1, 11 000, Czech Republic


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